Vehicle black box – video registrator – DO NOT BUY DOD-TEC

2011-07-07 13:07 | Categories: In English, Time-lapse, Užrašai, Video

This post is intentionally written in English, so Google and other web search systems will index it and people planing to buy cameras (car black boxes) from would know the truth. I contacted "DOD-TEC" several times, but they could not help me (or did not wanted) and pretended they do not understand me. So I am making this public. Maybe this way I can get some positive results.



I have some issues with GS600 GPS logger & vehicle recorder I would like to solve.

  1. Small video files are not created. If I start recording and power off black box after 30s or so. Video file size in SDcard is 0Mb.
  2. GPS logs  in \GPSLog in SD card is not always created. Especially at the beginning of recording, but other log files in DCIM\INFO\ show that info from GPS was present.
  3. Some files (last file before turning power off) are corrupted and can't be played. After 1 min of recording and ejecting SD card (car accident imitation) I got 67Mb file, which is corrupted. You can find this file here. None of my video players were able to play this file.
  4. Because of company policy (and probably lack of good programmers) it is impossible to upgrade firmware!
  5. After unsuccessful try running included video software I was told that it works only in WindowsXP. What are you thinking in DOD-TEC? Are you living in stone age? WindowsXP is event not supported by MicroSoft anymore. But, after I tried running this player on WinXP, got error about missing MSVCP71.dll file.
  6. I did not tested this recorder a lot, but I had few times, when I saw orange and blue LED's flashing together. There were no video recorded. I did not pressed anything, and even SD card was not full.
  7. Video is 1080p, but you should downscale to 720p to get good quality.
  8. Using at night time is useless – video is grainy and black! See video.
  9. Heats up after couple of minutes of using. Might be unsafe to use!
  10. Auto Power Off (in 5 min) – is not working. When in recording mode, after I switch off power, it immediately powers off. It does not wait 5 minutes as I set.
  11. Support is terrible, unless you get somebody who is above monkeys.

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