2020-11-06 22:26

2020-11-06 update – this blog is not maintained any more. Comments are switched off. In a long run it will be switched off at all. Feel fee to follow or connect on social media:




  1. Saulius Lukse
    2010-10-28 06:52

    Naudingos nuorodos apie kova su spameriais: 1 ir 2

  2. 2013-01-19 16:55

    Sveikas, peržiūrėjau visus tavo projektus, pasižiūrėjau nuotraukas ir tikrai, visiškai nuoširdžiai pasidžiaugiau už tave. Esi tikrai talentingas tiek mene, tiek technikoje. Šaunuolis!

  3. Saulius Lukšė
    2013-01-19 17:00

    Ačiū Bogdan! Malonu jog užsuki paskaityti.

  4. 2015-02-07 03:01


    My name is Rupert Hirst, I am a UK based blogger and run a popular Blog for electronic enthusiasts and hobbyists called runawaybrainz.

    I am currently doing an article on Raspberry b+ (inc the new Raspberry Pi 2) enclosures on the our Blog.

    I wondered if you would be interested in supplying a review sample for the article?

    Runawaybrainz receives around 20,000 hits each month, and is approaching 850,000 hits in total. The Blog is also featured on many large Maker websites such as Hackaday, Make Magazine to name a few.

    I hope you find the project of interest, and look forward to any feedback.

    Yours sincerely


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