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I’d like to announce another blog I am maintaining. It is mostly dedicated for products I make and develop and is located on server. Current one on will stay as it is – I will post my random discoveries and interesting activities here.

2016-07-13 08:52 | 0 comments

This is preview of what I am working on. At first it might look like trivial project, but a lot of interesting stuff is ticking under the hood.  

2015-06-22 19:53 | 4 comments

Starting new project – LP0018D – best in the class digitizing touch probe/edge finder. After long research and many adjustments finally preparation is complete. Time to review first samples. Like all of my previous projects it is funded completely from my pocket, so should be reasonably priced and I am not rushed by crowdfunding bull*hit.

2015-05-28 20:58 | 73 comments

I was always fascinated by lightning. Long time ago, being a teenager I shoot lightning strikes many times with some degree of success. At that time I was using my dad’s old Zenit camera. While lightnings are always the same, equipment advances very rapidly. Today I will talk about spotting interesting frames from video and […]

2015-05-10 13:58 | 23 comments

To be short I will be talking about long term tethered time-lapse photography (it is also a good platform for construction camera). While final movie can be very short this kind of photography involves lots of planning and technical skills. During long time time lapse project a lot of things can go wrong. Also prepare […]

2015-05-05 04:36 | 3 comments

This is unique huge and heavy dice. It is made of solid aviation grade aluminium and weights 575 g (20.28 oz in imperial system). Dice is CNC machined, then sandblasted and black anodized.  

2015-04-12 20:22 | 4 comments

MQTT is a extremely lightweight machine-to-machine connectivity protocol. If you have Internet connected things talking to each other, you should consider MQTT as the best choice.

2015-02-16 00:16 | 17 comments

Superior low-light performance 1080p@30fps with h.264 on-board codec USB2.0 camera featuring Aptina sensor in an aviation grade solid aluminium sandblasted and black anodized industrial case.

2014-12-10 19:12 | 33 comments
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Good news. This beautiful aviation grade sandblasted black anodized Raspberry Pi B+ case is now available. Raspberry Pi fits just perfectly now. This is v2 revision of industrial RPi B+ case. Take a look at some pictures below.

2014-10-23 12:30 | 65 comments

In addition to Logitech C920 case since now I have also custom made IR blocking filters. These are high quality thin (0.2mm) optical glass filters that blocks all IR light. Picture quality is as good as original filter sourced from Logitech lens assembly, well quality is good enough but filtering range is not that good. […]

2014-10-23 08:51 | 20 comments