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This post is about vision processing and time-lapse video modification. As you probably know I own few stationary long term time-lapse cameras, and sometimes do some tricks with this huge data collection. This time I will walk you through improvised dot matrix display made from building windows.

2015-12-23 21:04 | 0 comments

This is preview of what I am working on. At first it might look like trivial project, but a lot of interesting stuff is ticking under the hood.  

2015-06-22 19:53 | 4 comments

I was always fascinated by lightning. Long time ago, being a teenager I shoot lightning strikes many times with some degree of success. At that time I was using my dad’s old Zenit camera. While lightnings are always the same, equipment advances very rapidly. Today I will talk about spotting interesting frames from video and […]

2015-05-10 13:58 | 23 comments

To be short I will be talking about long term tethered time-lapse photography (it is also a good platform for construction camera). While final movie can be very short this kind of photography involves lots of planning and technical skills. During long time time lapse project a lot of things can go wrong. Also prepare […]

2015-05-05 04:36 | 3 comments

Vieną vakarą kilo mintis pastatyti kamerą kur nors toliau su gražiais vaizdais. Prisiminiau Ventės rago ornitologinę stotį. Susiradau Internete kontaktus ir paskambinau. Vytautui idėja patiko. Pažadėjo duoti elektros ir Interneto. Praėjus keliom dienom nuvažiavom į vietą, kur pasitiko linksmas, šmaikštus, gerai nusiteikęs ir svetingas kolektyvas.

2013-08-15 20:30 | 32 comments

Preš kelias dienas ant aukšto pastato stogo pastačiau dar vieną time-lapse fotografavimo stotelę. Šį kartą sumontavau seną kompaktinės klasės fotoaparatą. Anksčiau publikuotame straipsnyje aprašiau kaip jungiau DSLR fotoaparatą – šį kartą kiek sudėtingesnis uždavinys – Canon G7.

2013-07-10 06:02 | 0 comments

To show off some of Carambola2 from 8devices possibilities I have build setup, which involves DSLR camera, 3G router, autonomous power supply and USB flash disk. It captures single picture every minute and uploads it to shared Dropbox folder.

2013-06-11 20:37 | 1 comment

I had an old Russian lens (MTO-500) laying around for a long time. Tried using it on DSLR, but because of lack of image quality I refused this idea. Today I mounted webcam on it. Because of smaller image sensor magnification is much larger in this conjunction.

2013-06-10 06:05 | 8 comments

Sometimes it’s overkill to use computer with 200W power consumption for 24/7 to do small task like upload picture from webcam to Dropbox every minute. In this article I will describe how save a lot of Watts and to have Carambola on Cloud!

2013-06-01 20:20 | 8 comments
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Vidury darbo nakties darbo savaitgalį pro langą pradėjo blyksėti. Nupūčiau dulkes nuo foto technikos ir leidau valandėlę padribti. Nėr čia ko veltui dulkes kaupti.  

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