3D printed Iphone to microscope adapter

2014-05-22 09:44 | Categories: 3D, In English, Projektai, Užrašai

IMG_3586_tRecently I bought stereo microscope to scale things a bit. Though this microscope has option to attach camera, decent cameras cost as much as microscope itself or even more. So, I designed adapter for Iphone. This adapter attaches directly to en eye piece, so any microscope can be used. This adapter can be made at home on your 3D printer.












Exploded view
















2014-05-22 12.37.21

Lowest magnification

2014-05-22 12.37.26

Zoom in…
















2014-05-22 12.37.23

Zoom in…

2014-05-22 12.37.29

Zoom in…
















2014-05-22 12.37.32

Maximum magnification





















 You can download 3D STEP files if you need to build one for yourself.

  1. Art Struss
    2019-02-05 00:37

    I lead a microscopy society, the State Microscopical Society of Illinois, that meets at the McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, IL. I feel that this project of making a iPhone microscope adapter would be a great project for our society. Our library in Libertyville, IL has a 3-D printer and I’d like to see if we could make a iPhone adapter. Would you indicate how we could obtain the file for printing? The 3-D printer that’s available at the Cook Memorial Library in Libertyville is Lulzbot. Thanks for your help. Art Struss

    • Saulius Lukšė
      2019-02-05 10:09

      Hi Art, thank you for your interest in microscope adapter. Please check STEP file at the end of this blog post.

  2. Paul
    2019-08-03 01:37

    Paul :Hey Saulius! Any chance you can make one of these bad boys for an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone XS Max for a 23mm eyepiece? Your design is fantastic!

    23mm microscope eyepiece that is!

  3. Saulius Lukšė
    2019-08-03 07:31

    Hi Paul, thank you! Actually there are universal ready made adapters now on ebay, no need to design custom one for each phone any more.

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