Professionally made Raspberry Pi B+ aluminium case GIVE OUT

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IMG_4130_tYesterday night I received note from DHL that package is cleared. I was so anxious to open it and unpack first case that it was hard to get a sleep. It was even harder to wait until midday when DHL received package from customs department.

First impression

Could not wait for courier to bring it to doors, instead drove to pick it by myself. After opening the crate my impression of this beautiful aviation grade sandblasted black anodized case met my expectations perfectly. To be short – it feels like your lovely Apple MacBook laptop, except it’s black.


First impressions

First impressions

First impressions




Most of the day I work as hardware engineer, so it is not the first time I design things and manufacture them. Usually I make prototype with CNC machine by myself or we send it to 3D print/mockup company. In most cases there are things to adjust after reviewing – that’s why this stage is so important. Even if it is costly, it saves money and time.



As you have guessed – this time I skipped mockup phase. I was to confident in what I was doing and decided to go straight for pilot run. As a result Raspberry Pi B+ board does not fit new case. And I have whole crate of them.


Self adjusting

Actually these cases can be modified pretty easy to fit RPI B+, but it will not look like factory made. If you decide to modify by yourself no special tools will be needed – just a drill, pliers and small diamond file (if you prefer nice edges).

Places to hack:

  • Drill bigger hole for A/V socket (wrong of A/V connector dimensions – I cut my A/V connector to see how off-center it is)
  • Break thin wall at the connector panel (wrong USB connector size and position)

Increase A/V connector hole


Break thin wall

Even after these modifications it’s not so easy to fit RPI into this case. Be careful.



This pilot run was expensive and scaled up mockup. I will adjust design soon and order new batch. Stay tuned!

  1. 2014-09-11 02:19

    Hey! I’m really sorry to read that new Pi won’t fit the cases you designed. They look beautiful, congrats.

    Why should I get one? Mmm, probably because we are prototyping with these computers and a nice case would really help us to show off with potential clients :)

    Plus, our system will work outdoors so a good aluminium case is certainly better than a cheapo acrylic case.


    • Saulius Lukšė
      2014-09-11 07:16

      José, 1 case is reserved for you. I will contact you via e-mail.

  2. Kimmo
    2014-09-11 14:01


    Sorry to hear about the expensive “test run”, but it looks like a nicely designed case.

    I am considering of experimenting with a Pi B+ in an university lab setting for controlling some equipment and would be glad to receive a proper case for the Pi.

    Best regards.

    • Saulius Lukšė
      2014-09-11 20:33

      Dear Kimmo, and a reason is?…

      • Kimmo
        2014-09-15 22:51

        Sorry if I was not very clear. Naturally a good quality aluminium case would be far superior to use in a university laboratory than a plastic one, not to mention that I would otherwise propably end up just fastening the Raspi to a piece of board with 2.5mm screws (offering not very much protection).
        I do have access to a small machine shop, so minor modifications should not be a big deal and at the same time having done some parts from aluminium by myself (by manual milling rather than with cnc) I do appreciate beautiful mechanical designs and parts such as the case you have done. Would love to receive one to properly protect my Pi.

        Best regards,

        • Saulius Lukšė
          2014-09-16 07:28

          Hi Kimmo, thank you for explanation. One more case goes to university. 3 Left.

  3. Andreas
    2014-09-11 18:55


    First off, sorry about the slight misfit.

    I’m an engineering student at the University of Southampton, UK and I am really passionate about what this tiny thing, the Raspberry Pi can do. I am currently working to develop a personal project that would be of a real benefit in the future, if it’s successful. Basically, I’d like to use a Raspberry Pi as a motor controller for a prototype electric car, which would allow me to separately control individual motors on each wheel. This would mean that we can have more fiable, intelligent and easy to troubleshoot motors that are able to deliver instant torque and have a great efficiency because they directly power the wheel. I currently have a plastic case that looks quite fragile, so a metal case like the one you’re giving away would be indeed a great shield for my Raspberry in this project.

    Kind regards,

  4. Daniel
    2014-09-11 21:34

    Man, thats unlucky, at least its an (relativly) easy fix

    I would love to receive one of these cases as my last pi (the one I’m replacing with a b+) was broken when my 6 month old little girl thought it looked like a fun thing to pull off the shelf. My plastic case broke, and the gpio pins bent together, shorting 5v to an output… So now i’m looking for a case which can take that kind of beating. Since I’ve been using my pi to demo POS and info screen systems, a nice (professional) case would look good too…

    Hope you get this sorted and a proper run in soon :)


  5. Pablo
    2014-09-12 00:25

    I want one because you have done a pretty job and i want to test it aplying muy minidrilll to the raspi can save this nice and luxury aparence box that is in equidistant point betwen 007’s smoking and his Aston Martin.
    I want one because, when my wife will say “another raspi, have you bought another raspiii?” I can say “no, its a present”.
    I want one because it will travel longer. It will take a sun baith here in Spain and I will test if the hot is supported (in black colour? Yea!!).
    I will send you a photo like the little gnomo in “Ameli” film.
    (Not to get points but, nice blog)

  6. Handi
    2014-09-13 04:47

    I would like to have it because the case looks professional, durable construction with a nice matte finish. Definitely can withstand shocks, disasters and in other rugged environments. A must have case for junkies who needs serious protection over their Raspberry Pi.

    Looking forward for the final release and other professional designs from you!


  7. Aaron
    2014-09-15 19:47

    Hi There. Also sorry to hear about the sizing issue. I was just about to start working on a build for my touring motorcycle and one of the things I needed was a case. This would be perfect because its already going to be a warm and shock prone environment and an aluminium case would be great for helping keep everything cool and safe. Good luck with everything else.

  8. 2014-09-16 16:52

    Sorry to hear about the misfit of the case.

    Our company provides digital signage solutions and we have a project at a school which doesn’t have the budget to go with a full enterprise level solution so we were going to do a Raspberry Pi option using Risevision or Screenly. Having an aluminum case would definitely be ideal, even if I have to make it fit.

    • Saulius Lukšė
      2014-09-16 17:17

      Dear Greg. I will send one case to you. 2 cases left.

  9. Saulius Lukšė
    2014-09-16 17:27

    Last one case left.

  10. Hello,
    I was searching on how to do a case by myself for my new B+.My optiona were 2 sheets of plexiglas or some lego parts when I ended up on this blog. If it’s possible to sens me the last one will be great because you would spate me some hours at work.

    Thank You.

  11. Saulius Lukšė
    2014-09-17 13:30

    I will send an email to everyone of you with details.

  12. 2014-09-25 18:43

    Hi Lukse,
    I am experimenting xbmc on the pi, and have been using it for quite sometime now with no problems. I wanted to build a attractive case, Your case looks nice, Congrats. I may plan for selling xbmc to local clients.
    Where can i find the drawing for the case ?. I have built my own laser marking machine and can engrave the pi logo on the anadozied case it would be great. I am in canada, I could have definately requested one if in your part of the world.

  13. Pablo
    2014-09-26 10:18

    Mine case arrived yesterday and and in 45 minutes it was ready. No need to broke the box. Photos were send to Saulius (bad quality, i know).
    What I had to do?
    – Sand flaps in USB connectors. Now they can peek through their windows.
    – Sand audio/video and (a little bit) hdmi connector so their profile are aligned with the microUSB.
    – Some holes internals borders were sanded too in order to let the connectors peek softly. Only internaly so external appareance continues in black.
    – Be patient and take a minute before take a decision.

    Do it at your own risk. If you doubt, take the lukse way and cut the thin wall.
    I know many of you want to see the photos. Let me a day to prepare better ones.

    • Saulius Lukšė
      2014-09-26 10:59

      Despite bad picture quality you did great job Pablo! Congrats!

  14. 2014-10-15 22:41

    Lovelly looking case…my Pi would take price of place inside one if you’ve any freebies left. I am looking to start a rPI after school club and need something sturdy to protect the precious PI.

    Cheers, Lee

    • Saulius Lukšė
      2014-10-16 07:19

      Hi Lee, unfortunately all free cases are given out.

  15. Jayk
    2014-10-18 23:45

    since you say you’re offering a free case to anyone offering good reason, I offer you mine, which is that currently I’m using cardboard as my case, since I work in manufacturing in the industrial capital of this country(Detroit) which is another way of saying I’m an unemployed quality worker for companies which run davenports and CNC machines, so I’m acutely aware of how the machines work, which given that you didn’t first make a mock-up or something of that nature(depending on where you work, or if you used software or whatever your case may be) they came out really well, all things considered…
    but I digress, I offer my good reason as to why I wan’t a case, is because I just proposed to my girlfriend(before my unemployment) and am trying to save all extra money as possible till I find my next employment opportunity, so, while I’m sure there are better reasons you’ll receive, I just post mine because I noticed your offering, and think *maybe* mine will be within the top 10 reasons you find deserving of a case
    if not, it’s all well, life will go on, but I must say, that it is a really smooth looking case, especially given it’s your first attempt at making a Raspberry Pi case… like, it really has an awesome look to put on the back of a TV, or beside a cable box or BluRay player or whatever, and not look odd, or off… it’s designed quite nicely
    regardless, best of luck, I look forward to seeing what you develop in the future!

    • Saulius Lukšė
      2014-10-18 23:55

      Hi Jake, feel sorry of your unemployment, and would like to congratulate with engagement. Also thank you for good words about case, unfortunately all sample cases are gone.

  16. Saulius Lukšė
    2014-10-22 18:01

    Hello everyone. I have received new cases and RPI B+ fits just perfectly! So sample kit’s are ready to be shipped. Inquire if you need one. I will post updates soon.

  17. Saulius Lukšė
    2014-10-23 13:01

    Please take a note, that v2 of this case (prepared as full kit) is now available. Check it out here:

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