DIY telescope from MTO-500 lens and webcam

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IMG_6914_tI had an old Russian lens (MTO-500) laying around for a long time. Tried using it on DSLR, but because of lack of image quality I refused this idea. Today I mounted webcam on it. Because of smaller image sensor magnification is much larger in this conjunction.





Streaming live using Carambola2


Some frames mapped to wide angle photo


Shooting the Moon



There is nothing fancy with this setup. Couple of extension rings, adapters and webcam clamped to lens. Carambola2 is set to stream video using mjpg_streamer. (firmware is here)

To increase video quality I recommend tweaking webcam parameters (or adjust to your needs):

v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl brightness=10
v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl contrast=64
v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl gamma=75
v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl saturation=100
v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl sharpness=64

v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl focus_auto=0
v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl focus_absolute=0

To view all settings you can type this command:

v4l2-ctl --list-ctrls

You should see something like this:

root@OpenWrt:~# v4l2-ctl --list-ctrls
                     brightness (int)    : min=-64 max=64 step=1 default=23 value=10
                       contrast (int)    : min=0 max=64 step=1 default=35 value=64
                     saturation (int)    : min=0 max=128 step=1 default=66 value=100
                            hue (int)    : min=-40 max=40 step=1 default=0 value=0
 white_balance_temperature_auto (bool)   : default=1 value=1
                          gamma (int)    : min=72 max=500 step=1 default=106 value=75
                           gain (int)    : min=0 max=100 step=1 default=0 value=0
           power_line_frequency (menu)   : min=0 max=2 default=1 value=1
      white_balance_temperature (int)    : min=2800 max=6500 step=1 default=6500 value=6500 flags=inactive
                      sharpness (int)    : min=0 max=64 step=1 default=35 value=64
         backlight_compensation (int)    : min=0 max=2 step=1 default=0 value=0
                  exposure_auto (menu)   : min=0 max=3 default=3 value=3
              exposure_absolute (int)    : min=0 max=0 step=0 default=0 value=0 flags=inactive

mjpeg_streamer is set to start automatically on boot

/etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer enable

With settings:

root@OpenWrt:~# cat /etc/config/mjpg-streamer
config mjpg-streamer core
        option enabled          "1"
        option device           "/dev/video0"
        option resolution       "800x600"
        option fps              "30"
        option port             "8080"



Picture at 10mm on DSLR with 1.6x crop ratio


Picture at 300mm on DSLR with 1.6x crop ratio


Picture of the TV tower viewed from webcam


Buildings 10km away


Buildings 10km away


Line of sight


  1. v.pavardenis
    2013-08-16 16:31

    gal daugiau telecentro nuotraukų liko nuo eksperimento?

    • Saulius Lukšė
      2013-08-16 16:32

      Daugiau neliko, bet galiu padaryti. Kurios vietos reikia?

  2. v.pavardenis
    2013-08-16 17:26
  3. Saulius Lukšė
    2013-08-16 17:49
  4. v.pavardenis
    2013-08-16 18:09


  5. v.pavardenis
    2014-08-23 10:49

    sveiki, Sauliau,
    gal galima būtų dar kelias nuotraukėles su telecentru? šiuo metu vyksta rekonstrukcijos darbai, domina kelios vietos, kurias apibraukiau:

  6. Saulius Lukšė
    2014-08-23 14:11
  7. v.pavardenis
    2014-08-23 20:29


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