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DSC_1682_tGood news. This beautiful aviation grade sandblasted black anodized Raspberry Pi B+ case is now available. Raspberry Pi fits just perfectly now. This is v2 revision of industrial RPi B+ case. Take a look at some pictures below.

2014-10-23 | Categories: In English, Projektai, Užrašai

IMG_6166_tIn addition to Logitech C920 case since now I have also custom made IR blocking filters. These are high quality thin (0.2mm) optical glass filters that blocks all IR light. Picture quality is as good as original filter sourced from Logitech lens assembly, well quality is good enough but filtering range is not that good. First batch mistake – working on improvements.

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IMG_4440_tTarptautinis fejerverkų festivalis “Vilniaus fejerija 2014

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IMG_4130_tYesterday night I received note from DHL that package is cleared. I was so anxious to open it and unpack first case that it was hard to get a sleep. It was even harder to wait until midday when DHL received package from customs department.

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5_tRaspberry Pi is a great piece of hardware. It packs powerful hardware inside credit card sized (85x56mm) board. Except it lacks decent case. Until now!


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Šį kartą teksto nedaug nebus. Tiesiog Vilniaus vaizdas.

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temperature_tŠis straipsnis iliustruoja įvairių jutiklių duomenų atvaizdavimą realiu laiku. Atnaujintoje versijoje naudojamos nebe pachube, cosm ar xively o pažangesnės technologijos. Caramboloje veikia AMQP klientas, kuris siunčia duomenis į mano serverį. Šis gavęs naują reikšmę įkelia duomenis į RRD duomenų bazę bei sukuria grafiką.

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IMG_3944_tDar vienas eksperimentas. Kamera inkiliuke. Pavasarį pro langą iškėliau inkiliuką. Deja paukščiai taip ir neapsigyveno, tačiau buvo visokių svečių…

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IMG_3586_tRecently I bought stereo microscope to scale things a bit. Though this microscope has option to attach camera, decent cameras cost as much as microscope itself or even more. So, I designed adapter for Iphone. This adapter attaches directly to en eye piece, so any microscope can be used. This adapter can be made at home on your 3D printer.

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wifi_scale_tThere are several wireless scales on the market but none of them implements functions I like (or overpriced). This scale logger is attempt to build wireless scale from existing components like Carambola 2 and USB IR Toy and, of course, scale with remote indicator. Implemented purely on Python this project enables gathering, sending and displaying weight data to any service you like or even build one yourself.

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