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I had an old Russian lens (MTO-500) laying around for a long time. Tried using it on DSLR, but because of lack of image quality I refused this idea. Today I mounted webcam on it. Because of smaller image sensor magnification is much larger in this conjunction.

2013-06-10 06:05 | 8 comments

Sometimes it’s overkill to use computer with 200W power consumption for 24/7 to do small task like upload picture from webcam to Dropbox every minute. In this article I will describe how save a lot of Watts and to have Carambola on Cloud!

2013-06-01 20:20 | 8 comments
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If you were interested in first Carambola based rover, you will love this one. First one was just how to connect and setup everything. This one is actualy usable and fun to use. Purpose of this rover is to replace crappy toy cars and to have more fun. Not fogetting ability to learn and build […]

2013-01-19 12:56 | 52 comments
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I took my camera out of a bag, where it spent long time, and connected to computer. So what, you say? I connected it far away from computer over WiFi with full controls enabled (even live view and focus). I used Canon 40D DSLR camera with original software, but you can use any camera with […]

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This post is intentionally written in English, so Google and other web search systems will index it and people planing to buy cameras (car black boxes) from would know the truth. I contacted "DOD-TEC" several times, but they could not help me (or did not wanted) and pretended they do not understand me. So […]

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